4th MDU Edufest SHIKSHA - 2014
Name of the courses being offered : B.Ed - 200 Seats :: M.Ed -35 Seats:: D.Ed -50 Seats

To put best efforts to provide professional and quantitative education and quality through the leadership to fulfill society needs and aspirations.


To develop skill, dedication commitment orientation humanity, morality, ethics and qualitative education for individuals.


The objectives have been set in line with the objectives of National Council for Teacher Education. To develop among teachers a clear understanding of the psychology of their students.

  • To help them become facilitators of learning.
  • To enable them understand the process of socialization.
  • To enable them to foster creative thinking among pupils for the reconstruction of knowledge.
  • To acquaint them with the factors & forces (within the school & outside) affecting educational system & classroom situations.
  • To enable to undertake action research and use innovative practices.
  • To foster in them a desire for life long learning.
The College has a modernized Computer Lab, Psychology Lab and a Science Lab in a well commodious setting. The well equipped library stocked with sufficient number of books meets the requirement of the pupil-teachers and the staff. The lush green surroundings of the college campus nurture us in the lap of nature. This institution gives due importance to the role of a teacher in nation building task, therefore, it aims at producing quality teachers who will make positive contribution to the society and the nation at large.
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